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We have created our testimonials page to help you to make an informed decision about our company. These are testimonials that our business actually receives from our customers in regards to the services we provide and how we operate.

We hope you find this page useful and encouraging. We are a company to be counted and relied upon for all your dog waste removal needs.

What They’re Saying

Our Testimonials From Real Customers

“I have never seen such meticulous work. This was our first service and WOW what a great Job! SuperScooper, pleased with the outcome. Lawn mowing was a breeze! We will recommend them highly! Thanks !!!!”

~ Karen C.

“Over the past month the team from Super Scooper has done a great job keeping our yard clean of our pet debris. They come out each week and are very thorough in there search and recovery of dog poop. I no longer fear walking in my own yard.”

~ Tom M.

“Super Scooper is the best service choice we have made this year. They take care to ensure our gates are closed when complete, always arrive when scheduled, and do a terrific job of being thorough. Thanks for the great service!”

~ Chad H.

“Service has been wonderful. We started as soon as we got a German Shepherd puppy and haven’t had to worry about the lawn since. He really cares about the satisfaction of his clients and ensuring work is complete with no intrusion on the household when he stops by. Thanks so much!”

~ Amber Y.

“Super Scooper does an excellent job! Always prompt, reliable , thorough, efficient, non-intrusive…just a great service at a great price. I highly recommend this company and the services they provide. We have three large dogs and they take a dirty hassle off my hands (pun intended!) for a really fair price. Great value to me”

~ Ben B.

“I cannot say enough good things about this company. The owner responds back to me very quickly and is professional and extremely polite. Crew also does an amazing job cleaning up!”

~ Jessica G.

“These guys do a great job and so cheap I don’t know why you would hire anyone else. Hands down the best in Omaha”

~ A. B.

“Super Scooper is EXCEPTIONAL! Highly recommend. Communication is superb and the service is amazing. I love the invoice in the door, because I know he was there. Great price and extremely flexible on schedule. Was able to start immediately. Highly recommend!!!!”

~ Jen C.

“Jesse has been fantastic to work with. I called for the first time to set up service with him and he was able to come out to the house that day! The yard was thoroughly looked over and cleaned. Pricing is fantastic, especially for the level of service he provides. Thank you, Jesse!”

~ Jeff F.

“Jesse is professional and definitely helps with one less chore around the house. My dog really enjoys it! Also really like the fact that the company provides a prepaid envelope for billing. Keep up the great work. I would highly recommend.”

~ Jason K.

“Super conscientious and thorough. I’ve had a couple of these in the past and was not satisfied until now. Completely satisfied. Glad I found them. Can enjoy our yard much more-without the hassle.”

~ John S.

“Jesse has been great…
I can’t say enough about the service we receive. Prompt, thorough, courteous and reliable. Very happy with things & I would highly recommend this business to all those with dogs in need of a clean yard!”

~ Farmer V.

“Reliable, flexible, thorough and friendly! Accommodated my yard needs as soon as I first called; has made adjustments in scheduling at my request. Even reduced the price once he saw my yard was quite small. I highly recommend Jessie and his company definitely give them 5+ stars!”

~ Loni C.

“He was wonderful! Helped me out of a real jam. He went above and beyond the call of duty! HIGHEST Recommendation possible!”

~ Rosie T.

“Absolutely fantastic! I have 2 large dogs and our yard always looks great. Very affordable pricing, extremely professional and always on time. HIGHLY recommend!”

~ Rikki C.

“We are extremely happy with Super Scooper! We can always count on the dogs having a clean yard every week. Amazing price for high quality service!

~ Jenna J.”

“Jesse is great. From first contact till now he has always been on time and very thorough. I would recommend his business to anyone.”

~ Chad C.

“This guy is awesome! On time every time, does great work and even leaves treats for the dogs from time to time! Rates are great also. Highly recommend!”

~ Phil G.

“Very happy with my service! Jesse is always on time and does an excellent job cleaning up the yard. I would definitely recommend!”

~ Avery B.

“Consistent and thorough removal of dog waste of our 2 dogs. So wonderful to have it done each week and one thing I don’t have to worry about. Thank you Super Scooper!!”

~ Wendy H.

“Jesse is wonderful with reasonable rates!!!! I have not found one company comparable to his prices. He is easy to work with, started within the week and I would highly recommend him to all my friends, families and strangers!!!!!!”

~ Magi K.

“Pretty much the most convenient service ever! Jesse was great from the beginning, even offering his first (and most daunting) service for free! One less thing to worry about this summer.”

~ Suzanne N.

“Great service and quick to respond to emails. I have no complaints! Just wish we had signed up sooner ;)”

~ Bridgett G.

“Super Scooper (Jesse) is always on time and has kept our yard poo free through rain, sleet, snow, and the hot summer. With 2 dogs it can sure pile up so we appreciate his prompt service and fair prices.”

~ Tom M.

“Does a great job. Comes rain or shine. Strongly recommend.”

~ Miguel M.

“Jesse with super scooper dose a fantastic job cleaning my yard.Service is always super friendly and you always know that he’s been there and when.”

~ Andrew W.

“Jesse has been responsive, professional, and always on time. Our yard looks great, we would highly recommend!”

~ Sam D.

“Jesse is reliable and does a fantastic job. Very affordable and highly recommended!!”

~ Michelle R.

“Jesse does an amazing job. My yard looks so great.”

~ Chris V.

“Every week,does a great job! Easy payment schedule, great customer service and super convenient!”

~ Samantha B.

“Super scooper does a very good job cleaning up our very large dog’s waste. During inclement weather he comes as soon as reasonable, even during the winter.”

~ David H.

“Jesse does excellent work. One less chore I got to do, has showed up every time and is extremely fair on price, would highly recommend him.”

~ Almathis M.

“Jesse is great. I highly recommend using Super Scooper.”

~ Henry M.

“Does an awesome job! Really appreciate not having to do this!!!”

~ Tammy M.

“Jesse has been great for our yard.”

~  Terence R.

“Always do a great job amd done fast would recommend!!!!!”

~ Jake S.

“On-time, every week and the work is thorough. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I receive from Super Scooper!!”

~ Jim F.

“Prompt and reliable service with exceptional pricing.”

~ Travis B.

Super Scooper – Our Testimonials

Friendly & Reliable Service


Prompt and on time

We make a point to be on time on the day allotted for your pickup.

Cheap and affordable

Starting at only $9 dollars a week our prices are hard to beat.

Friendly and reliable

Call us old school but we believe in customer service and our word.

Thorough removal

We walk your yard in a grid system making sure to get every pile.


Keep things secure

After every cleaning, we make sure to lock up preventing escapes.

Rain, snow, or sunshine

No matter the weather we still Scoop Poop. If delayed we aim for the same day.


We hope our testimonial page has provided the testimonials you need to make an informed decision about our company and services.


From Our Testimonials Page

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